Hidden binary message on coyote creek trail

I came across this while I was out running today. Its on coyote creek trail next to Metcalf road. Its a binary message engraved into a piece of granite on the right side of the trail when heading south. I have been running on this trail for 4 years and I have never seen it before, however the county came through and cleared out the brush and it caught my eye while I was out.

Coyote Creek Trail Binary Message

The message isn’t anything fantastic, but just the fact that someone from the county (I presume) had the gumption to put this on a bike path heading through Santa Clara County is really quite cool.

The GPS Coordinates for this are N 37° 13.66′, W 121° 44.67′

I found this on Google …. http://www.sjparks.org/Trails/coyote/index.asp, however the binary does NOT decode to “Silicon Valley” 🙂

I emailed San Jose city who owns the website above, we’ll see if they fix the 2 typos (its not etched in 2 languages)

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