Configuring Cradlepoint PHS300 for Blackberry on AT&T

I configured this for my Torch, I’m certain it will work on the Bold as well. Although not officially supported by cradlepoint, it does indeed work.

For starters, upgrade the firmware to the latest provided by cradlepoint. For me this was version 2.6.1. For the sake of brevity I am only going to cover the changes to make it work with the modem. I am not going to do the whole configuration (ie I am excluding lan configuration). Its pretty simple in the end …

Basic -> WAN
    password: cingular1
Modem -> Settings
    uncheck: Aggressive Modem Reset
    Access Point Name (APN): wap.cingular
    Modem Password: your blackberry screen password

Thats it, thats all I had to modify. For full configuration explanation for other carriers, and other possible troubleshooting tips go to cradlepoints site.

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