Day 2 – Bearpaw Meadows to Hamilton Lakes

  • 3.6 Trail Miles
  • 1,681′ Elevation Gain
  • 1,168′ Elevation Loss
  • 6 Miles Total (includes cumulative elevation gain)

This is a relatively short day, the point is to recuperate from the pull to Bearpaw meadows, and prepare for the haul over Kaweah Gap.

Looking into Kaweah Gap from Bearpaw Meadows

Foot Bridge crossing Middle Fork Kaweah River

There is a slight descent to a foot bridge crossing Middle Fork Kaweah River, and then a sharp ascent into Hamilton Lakes. While the actual trail mileage is only 3.5 miles, with the elevation change it works out closer to 5 miles and ends up being closer to a 3 hour hike. This should put you into Hamilton Lakes before lunch where you can enjoy fishing and swimming.

Leaving Bearpaw Meadows and looking up towards Kaweah Gap

The trail coming up from Kaweah Middle Fork into Hamilton Lakes

Waterfall below Hamilton Lakes

Need to figure out what peak this, coming out of Hamilton Lake

Overlooking Hamilton Lake towards Kaweah Gap

Fishing at Hamilton Lakes

Bearpaw Meadows to Hamilton Lake

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