Day 3 – Hamilton Lakes to Big Arroyo Junction

  • 6.75 Trail Miles
  • 2,692′ Elevation Gain
  • 1,358′ Elevation Loss
  • 10 Total Miles (includes cumulative elevation gain)

Climbing out of Hamilton Lakes

This is a big day, you’ll hike over Kaweah Gap, and down through the Big Arroyo. There is water all through the Big Arroyo, and once you get into the Big Arroyo junction area you can have campfires. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can continue on the trail towards Kern Hotsprings. There is a couple springs, and one in particular towards the top at around 10,200 ft. Its roughly an hour hike from the junction, so be sure to water up before leaving. Otherwise you can just camp at the junction, but it means a longer haul the following day.

As you approach the top, you’ll pass Precipice Lake, and a series of small meadows. Once at the top, you can see down the entire Big Arroyo.

Trail in the Cliffs, going up to Kaweah Gap

10 yard tunnel through the rock.

Looking back over the trail we just came up

Pricipice Lake as we approach the top

One of the meadows approaching Kaweah Gap

My boys and me on top of Kaweah Gap

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