Day 5 – Kern Hotsprings to Junction Meadows

  • 7.25 Trail Miles
  • 1,196′ Elevation Gain
  • 22′ Elevation Loss
  • 9 Total Miles (includes cumulative elevation gain)

Fishing the Kern River at Junction Meadows

This is an easy day, you’ll walk around 7.5 miles on a gentle up slope to gain about 1500 ft. Following the Kern River the entire way. There is nothing remarkable about this area other than decent fishing and a pleasant altitude. You’re likely to get afternoon showers during monsoon season as all the moisture tends to accumulate in the deep valley. It can be a tad hot during the day, but it does cool off during the evenings and the Kern River provides a multitude of locations to cool down.

Hiking up the Kern to Junction Meadows

Looking back down the trail we just covered

Campground at Junction Meadows

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