Day 7 – Guitar Lake, Mt. Whitney to Outpost Camp

  • 9.25 Trail Miles
  • 3,293′ Elevation Gain
  • 4,344′ Elevation Loss
  • 14 Total Miles (includes cumulative elevation gain)

Guitar Lake from the point of ascending Mt Whitney.

Bouncing out of Guitar Lake at the crack of dawn and make a dash for Mt Whitney. At least, that should be your plan. Be aware that afternoon thunder storms could spoil your attempt to make the summit, so start early. As you ascend out of Guitar Lake, you’ll get a really good look at Hitchcock Lake and many of the surrounding peaks. One thing you’ll need to be prepared for, is the trail east of Guitar Lake requires the use of WAG bags. They hand them out at Crabtree Meadows, but it might be a good idea to take a few extras in the event they run out.

You’ll want to ascend to the trail junction and drop your gear. Being sure to cover up your gear in the likely event of rain, and grabbing some foul weather gear for yourself along with plenty of water. When you approach the top, you’ll see the inclement weather shelter, right in front is a log book you can sign.

Mt. Whitney Summit

After you mess around, and decide to head back, you’ll pick up your gear and make for the long trek down to Outpost camp. If you’re tired, you can choose to stop at Consultation Lake, but quite honestly Outpost camp is much nicer as its in the trees and gives you some protection from the elements.



Hitchcock Lake

Group Photo on top of Whitney

Heading down the other side towards Consultation Lake

Outpost Camp


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